Bowjax Monsterjax Crossbow Solid Limb Dampeners - 2Pk

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  • Limb dampener designed for crossbows
  • Place half way between limb tips and limb pocket for maximum effectiveness
  • Solid limb version

Bowjax Monsterjax Crossbow Solid Limb Dampeners - 2Pk

This version of Monsterjax are made specifically for a crossbow. The base is reinforced for strength, and the dampener is even a different strength more suitable to the strong forces of a crossbow. Easy installation with self-adhesive tape already installed, simply pull off the blue backing. Placement: Try placing them about half-way between the riser and the tips of the limb for maximum effectiveness. Solid limb monsterjax should be placed on the flat part of the limb between the cam and the limb pocket. Monsterjax should be oriented as shown in picture for maximum dampening effectiveness. These dampeners are a little stronger material than the standard #1022 polymer. These tend to stay on to the forces of a crossbow better than the #1022.

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